Company profile

AdvanSiD, located in Trento, Italy was incorporated in June 2010 to take advantage of over 15 years of experience in the R&D of silicon radiation detectors at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy. 
The main AdvanSiD’s shareholders are Technix and A-innotech.

Technix SPA, is a company located in Grassobbio (Bg), specialized in the design and development of mobile x-ray units for hospital wards featuring accuracy and reliability, in addition to mobile C-arm x-ray units, manufactured according to the latest art and in compliance with the most recent requirements for technology (

A-innotech, is the Holding of Optoi Group, leader in microelectronic packaging, custom development and production of silicon sensors and microsystems. (

Location and Facilities

AdvanSiD is located within FBK buildings. So, it can take advantage of being in close contact to the people and the facilities in which the products were originally developed. 
By means of special agreement, AdvanSiD can exploit all the facilities present in FBK: the production foundry, the automatic parametric test equipment and the laboratory for functional characterization. 
In addition, it can exploit the packaging capabilities of OptoI: fully automated assembly line in which the sensors can be packaged on metallic or plastic media with extreme flexibility.