Project Trimage update

31.08 2017

News from Trimage project where Advansid, as partner of the Trimage group, has developed and produced a custom 4x8 array of 3x3 NUV SiPMs. Discover new ways to improve the performance of our sensors:

  • New 8x4 SiPM Array (with NUV SiPMs)
  • 32 elements (SiPMs), 3x3 mm2 SiPMs
  • Designed to be coupled to 16x16 elements LYSO Crystal (256 channels)


  • New ASIC develpoed by Weeroc for this array
  • 64 channels ASIC (1 ASIC = 2 SiPM Arrays)
  • Developed for PET imaging

More infos to: