ASD-RGB1.5S-P-8x8A, ASD-NUV1.5S-P-8x8A

(DISCONTINUED - Only on request)

8x8 Monolithic Array of 1.5x1.5 mm2 SiPMs in plastic chip scale package. The detector is completely covered with transparent epoxy layer.

This SiPM Array consists of 64 SiPMs integrated on a single silicon die to maximize the fill-factor.
Each SiPM is read-out individually; the bias is common to the whole array trough the substrate contact (anode in RGBs, cathode in NUVs). The array has MR-compatible pin connectors on the backside.

Available in RGB-SiPM technology (visible light detection) and NUV-SiPM technology (near ultra violet light detection).

Main Characteristics

  • Finest pitch SiPM Array available on the market
  • 12x12 mm2 detection area
  • 64 channels, 1.45x1.45 mm2 pixel active area, 1.5 mm pixel pitch
  • 50 µm micro-cells
  • Low dark count rate


Datasheets and Ordering Information

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