4x4 Hybrid Array of 4x4 mm2 SiPMs in plastic chip scale package. The detector is completely covered with transparent epoxy layer.

This SiPM Array consists of 16 individual SiPM dies mounted on a common package.
Each SiPM of the array has independent anode and cathode terminals, for a total of 32 output pins. The array has MR-compatible connectors on the backside.

Available in RGB-SiPM technology (visible light detection) and NUV-SiPM technology (near ultra violet light detection).

Main Characteristics

  • 16 channels, 4x4 mm2 SiPMs
  • 40 µm micro-cells, 60% fill-factor
  • Low dark count rate
  • 32.5% peak sensitivity at: 420 nm (NUV-SiPM); 550 nm (RGB-SiPM)
  • Gain temperature stability < 1 %/°C
  • 3-sides buttable
  • MR compatible


Ordering Information

Array of 16 independent 4x4 mm2 RGB-SiPMs » ASD-RGB4S-P-4x4T
Array of 16 independent 4x4 mm2 NUV-SiPMs » ASD-NUV4S-P-4x4T