Low Afterpulse NUV-SiPMs

23.10 2014

AdvanSiD bannerannouncement low afterpulse NUV SiPMs

AdvanSiD is proud to present the new generation of NUV-SiPMs featuring significant technology advancements with respect to previous series.

The new NUV-SiPMs feature ultra-low afterpulse probability, high detection efficiency of 43 % at 420 nm, dark count rate below 100 kHz/mm2 at the maximum bias voltage and room temperature, and wide operating voltage range. Furthermore, the new NUV-SiPMs feature faster recovery time.

Thanks to the adoption of new materials and process solutions, the afterpulsing probability in the new NUV-SiPMs is maintained below 4% even at very high overvoltage, allowing maximization of the photon detection efficiency and considerable improvements of timing performances.

The oscilloscope traces below show the effective suppression of afterpulses in the new NUV-SiPMs compared to the previous generation (dark conditions; T = 20 °C; 2 V overvoltage; X-scale: 10 ns/div; Y-scale: 10 mV/div).

Low Afterpulse NUV SiPMs AdvanSiD

The new low afterpulse NUV-SiPMs maintain the usual extraordinary uniformity characteristics of AdvanSiD SiPMs; in example, the breakdown voltage values are within ±200 mV from device to device.

Low afterpulse NUV-SiPMs are already available in chip scale package – CSP – with 1x1, 3x3, 4x4 mm2 active area, plus the 1.2 mm diameter circular active area version.

Refer to the table below for more detailed characteristics and product code of AdvanSiD low afterpulse NUV-SiPMs.

Device Characteristics
AdvanSiD low afterpulse NUV SiPMs characteristics