The New Technological Platform For X-ray Imaging

15.09 2017

Advansid announces the launch of a new technologic platform for digital X-ray Imaging in the medical sector.

The new products are modular sensors which can be used for digital X radiography, realised with the most advanced evolution of silicon microelectronics.

These are based on C-MOS technology for optoelectronic integrated circuits of the latest generation and provides for the combination with high-resolution scintillators crystals for the conversion of X photons and the creation of highly-precision visible images.

Thanks to cutting-edge solutions and the network of technological partners, Advansid is now able to take control of the entire new development process: from the silicon optoelectronic sensor to the microelectronic assembly, from the control electronics to firmware and software for the processing and image reconstruction, from sensor functional to final quality check of product prior to dispatch to the client, guaranteed by the experience in the application sector of partners associated to the company.

The project lasted more than 18 months and focused on the realisation of a new advanced technological platform, providing for the development of an entire family of devices designed and implemented according to the new technology, very competitive from the economic viewpoint and in line as regards technical performances with the best sensors to the state of the art in the market of X-ray imaging.

The first specific sensor will be launched on the market in 2018, a modular device produced for dental imaging applications, firstly for digital panoramic and, to follow, for cephalometric radiographs.

ADVANSID - The new technologic platform for X-ray imaging