ASD-EP-EB-N - SiPM Evaluation Board

Op-Amp based trasimpedence amplifier (current to voltage converter).

ASD-EP-EB-N Evaluation Board is a single-channel SiPM signal amplifier that converts the low-level current of the sensor into a voltage.

ASD-EP-EB-N integrates an inverting transimpdence amplifier followed by two independent output stage (Out 1, Out 2). Out 1 features a total gain of 500 ohm, Out 2 has a total gain of 2500 ohm. Both outputs have negative polarity.

ASD-EP-EB-N is suitable for dark characterization, CW and Pulsed-Mode light measurements. AdvanSiD CSP SiPMs can be directly plugged into the board with the dedicated AdvanSiD Sockets. The metallic leads of TO packages can be directly inserted into the Evaluation Board pin headers. Refer to the pin-out reported in the datasheet for proper device utilization.

Suitable for both NUV and RGB AdvanSiD SiPMs.