ASD-EP-EB-PZ - "Timing and Energy" SiPM Evaluation Board

Op-Amp based trasimpedence amplifier (current to voltage converter) with Pole-Zero compensation network.

The ASD-EP-EB-PZ Evaluation Board is ideal for timing and energy measurements of SiPMs coupled to scintillating crystals. It has been designed for coincidence resolving time measurements for PET applications, yet ASD-EP-EB-PZ can be employed for all those measurements that require very precise timing.

Out 2 of ASD-EP-EB-PZ is a differentiating transimpedance stage with Pole-Zero (PZ) compensation to provide a very fast output from the SiPMs. In practice, only the rising edge of the original signal is preserved at Out 2, with the recharge tail being suppressed by the PZ network. More information about the PZ method and the timing and energy measurements for PET with ASD-EP-EB-PZ can be found in [1].

This evaluation board integrates also a non-inverting transimpedance amplification stage (Out 1) with a gain of 50 ohm, which is suitable for energy measurements under relatively high illumination conditions such as the scintillation light from crystals.

AdvanSiD CSP SiPMs can be plugged into the board using the dedicated AdvanSiD Sockets. The leads of metallic TO packages insert directly into the Evaluation Board pin headers. Refer to the the pin out reported in the datasheet for proper device utilization.

ASD-EP-EB-PZ works with both NUV and RGB AdvanSiD SiPMs.

[1] A. Gola, C. Piemonte, A. Tarolli, Analog Circuit for Timing Measurements With Large Area SiPMs Coupled to LYSO Crystals, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, vol. 60, n. 2, pp. 1296 – 1302, 2013.