Sockets for CSP-SiPMs

SMD to pin output conversion for AdvanSiD CSP SiPMs.

AdvanSiD Sockets have been designed to fit on ASD-EP-EB-N or ASD-EP-EB-PZ AdvanSiD Evaluation Boards to allow fast and easy measurements with AdvanSiD CSP SiPMs. The Sockets can be used also in custom developed electronics board or in any laboratory setup. Refer to the pin-out and the dimensions reported in the datasheet.

For SMT assembly, refer to the maximum soldering and re-flow ratings reported in the CSP SiPMs datasheets.

AdvanSiD sockets are available in three sizes:

  • ASD-Socket-1: for 1x1 mm2 CSP SiPMs
  • ASD-Socket-3: for 3x3 mm2 CSP SiPMs
  • ASD-Socket-4: for 4x4 mm2 CSP SiPMs