AdvanSiD SiPM technology

Silicon Technology

AdvanSiD offers two silicon technologies for its photomultipliers:

RGB-SiPM Technology: N-on-P silicon photomultipliers for the detection of visible light

NUV-SiPM Technology: P-on-N silicon photomultipliers for the detection of Near Ultra Violet light. Very low noise, ultra low afterpulse NUV technology available from Q4 2014.

RGB and NUV SiPMs differ for the p/n junction characteristics and have different spectral response to meet the particular application requirements. RGB and NUV SiPMs have been conceived thinking also to the different type of scintillation crystals commonly employed for detection of gamma and X rays.

RGB and NUV SiPMs share the features of low dark count rate, very high breakdown uniformity, high temperature stability, very low time jitter.




SiPM Products

AdvanSiD offers high-performance SiPMs in metallic TO casing or plastic chip scale package.

Single channel SiPMs are available in four sizes: 1x1, 3x3, 4x4 mm2 square active area, and 1.2 mm diameter circular active area.

Multi-pixel SiPM arrays are available in two formats: Monolithic SiPM Arrays with 1.5 mm or 3 mm SiPM pitch, and Hybrid SiPM Arrays with 3x3 mm2 or 4x4 mm2 elements.

New developments - SiPM R&D

AdvanSiD relies on the SiPM technology developed at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento. In 2010, after almost 10-years research and experience in this field, the Silicon Radiation Sensors unit of FBK transferred its established SiPM technology to the newly incorporated spin-off AdvanSiD.

The SRS research group activity is focused on the R&D of SiPM technology, with remarkable results in terms of evolution from the original SiPM detectors.

To learn more about SiPMs R&D an on-going activities at FBK, visit the SRS unit web page.